What Kids are Saying About Joy Now

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"Happiest time of my life!"

"I liked how it was relaxed but organized and if we weren't sure about something, someone would always help."

"Everything was super exciting, wild, crazy and amazingly fun!"

"The most important thing I learned is that everyone has something to contribute and should be heard."

"I've gotten better at working in a group."

"The most important thing I learned at Joy Now was what it feels like to actually be part of a band."

After my experience at Joy Now, I will be able to express myself a lot more without fear of judgment.

"I am much more confident in my musical abilities." 

"My favorite thing about Joy Now is the support from everyone else and being able to express myself."

"I loved how positive the adults were about teaching me new things and how patient they were."

"I really liked how everyone was really open to hear your ideas and thoughts."

"My favorite part of Joy Now were the teachers that took the time to really make sure that everyone played an important role, was involved, and got to try what they wanted."

What Parents are saying about Joy Now:

“My student was more self confident, more outgoing, more wiling to try new things and just flat-out happier! – Joy Now Parent”

“[ My son ] feels a sense of community at Joy Now that I see him feeling no where else. The style and uniqueness of the program touches him and he enjoys the particular artistic bent of the teachers.” – Joy Now Parent

“To all who are thinking of doing this: all four of our children have participated in these camps and they are life changing. From them they not only had a blast but they learned to let go of their egos, gained confidence in performing ( both small and large audiences) and made life long friendships. We will always remember our time especially now that our oldest is graduating and taking off to London in three months. They pulled us out of a very difficult year for our family and brought a release with their smiles and kindness. Go! ” – Sommer Slevin, parent