Take it to the Streets!

Have you ever wanted to perform in front of a huge crowd of screaming, dancing enthusiastic people? Now’s your chance…

You have worked hard for 2-3 months with an awesome group of people – learning songs, creating dances, doing circus arts and making costumes…What’s next?  At the end of each of our programs, the Joy Now Marching Band will take to the streets and show the world what we’re all about! This is the highlight of being a part of Joy Now – Getting to rock out in public.

There is no greater rush than playing on stage with a group of people, having ridiculous amounts of fun while also being an inspiration for those around.   We will play 1-2 performances out in the community where you will get the opportunity to play in some amazing places –  from street parades with10,000 people to opening up for famous bands like the March Fourth Marching Band at the Crystal Ballroom! Other opportunities to perform year-round are also available with our All-star performance band.