Scholarship Application

Joy Now recognizes that some students require financial assistance to participate in certain programs & activities that are offered. We are able to offer financial support in two ways:

1. We can offer you a payment plan vs paying the whole amount all at once. This way Joy Now will still receive the much needed income to run our programs while also fitting within your monthly budget. Please inquire for this.

2. We have a small amount of scholarhips available within our program. These are for those truly in need and for whom a payment plan will not work.Please download our Scholarship Application to apply for assistance. We are more than happy to work wirth you and will never turn anyone away from our programs for lack of ability to pay.

You can scan or take a photo of your application and income verification and email it to:

Or, you can mail a copy of this form & income verification to:

Joy Now Arts Project
c/o Scholarships
914 N Emerson
Portland, OR 97217