Integrative Approach at Joy Now

Broaden your perspective. Try something new!  Enhance the quality of your art and your life.

So maybe you thought you just wanted to play trumpet. Surprise!  You will also be able to explore an array of other performance skills such as juggling, costume design, music composition, drums, body percussion, singing, dance, clowning, acrobatics and more! 

By trying new things, you broaden your understanding and appreciation of your fellow artists and you may discover something new that you love! As you become a better musician and performer, we also encourage you to become a better friend and leader in your community by putting to practice valuable social skills that :

  • Emphasize creative collaboration versus competition
  • Develop attentive listening
  • Build self confidence
  • Cultivate your ability to teach others

I loved getting to try new things and express myself. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone. – Joy Now Student

Joy Now gives you the chance to participate fully and actively in a community centered around art and positive collaboration. As well as a music & performance art program, we are also a life-skills, and global awareness program. You’ll have the chance to do new things, explore multiple creative practices, learn and share different points of view, build your self-confidence, and learn how to use art for positive and effective social change.

I’ve learned to be more confident and outgoing, how to connect to people better, how to be more joyful in everything.- Joy Now Student