Build Your Skills

At Joy Now, we meet you where you are at and help you go further than you ever imagined….

Whether you have never picked up a drum or tried walking on stilts, or if you’re already a seasoned performer dedicated to developing a particular skill, at Joy Now we create an environment where everyone feels at home and is able to shine their brightest!  We also recognize and pull out those unique skills and natural talents that you may not know you have!

The tailored design of our program makes it so that students of all levels of experience feel included, valued and challenged at a pace appropriate to their level.

At Joy Now, we encourage a high level of personal achievement set within a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Whether it’s learning how to be a world class drummer, rock out with awesome stage presence or how to work with a group, we wish to inspire you to aim for your best both as an artist and in how you live your life.

My skills have expanded, my enthusiasm has grown and my performance is much better – Joy Now Student 2011

Our small student-to-teacher ratio means you will get lots of support and attention from our skilled and passionate staff. And our strong commitment to fostering youth leadership enables students to teach and learn at the same time through mentoring each other. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take our small group lessons classeswhich will allow you to focus and expand your skills quicker.

As the program develops, more advanced students will have the opportunity to audition for the Joy Now performance band which will offer incredible life experience and even more performance opportunities.

My favorite thing about Joy Now was the music. All of the songs were really fun to play; they were challenging, but not frustrating – Joy Now Student 2012