Art That Makes a Difference

At Joy Now, art makes a difference; Do what you love. Share it with others. Brighten the world.

Simple, right?

230347_130029170404978_7145757_nThere is no greater rush than rocking out on stage with a group of people and having ridiculous amounts of fun. The cool thing is that by showcasing the happiness of doing what you love in front of others, you encourage and inspire them to do what they love too! Your joy becomes their joy. It’s infectious. It’s inspiring and it can change lives!

We believe that art can and does change the world for the better. Harnessing our art as a tool for social and personal change  is one of the cornerstones of what Joy Now is all about.

We will learn how to effectively use our art as a vehicle for expressing ourselves and bringing awareness to the things we believe in.

Rock out and make the world a better place at the same time!